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café, cafetería (restaurant)
Phrases with cafe found: 10  

English-Spanish dictionary
   I feel like going to a cafe.
  Tengo ganas de un café.

English-Spanish dictionary
   If Julia and I left early, we used to go to the cafe for a while.
  Si Julia y yo salíamos temprano, íbamos al café un rato.

English-Spanish dictionary
   If they had been leaving early, they would have gone to the cafe to talk too.
  Si hubieran estado saliendo temprano, habrían ido al café a platicar también.

English-Spanish dictionary
   If we left early, we went to the cafe to talk with our friends.
  Si salíamos temprano, íbamos al café a platicar con los amigos.

English-Spanish dictionary
   Are you going to go to the cafe tonight with me?
  ¿Vas a ir a la cafetería esta noche conmigo?

English-Spanish dictionary
   Can you go to the cafe with us?
  ¿Puedes ir a la cafetería con nosotros?

English-Spanish dictionary
   Can you recommend a good cafe?
  ¿Puede recomendar un buen café?

English-Spanish dictionary
   Could you recommend me a cafe?
  ¿Me podría recomendar un café?

English-Spanish dictionary
   Despite the rain, we went to the cafe.
  A pesar de la lluvia, nos fuimos al café.

English-Spanish dictionary
   Do you know if there is a good cafe near here?
  ¿Sabes si hay un buen café cerca de aquí?

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