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agent m

1. agent
2. cop
3. officer
4. official
5. performer
6. policeman
7. police officer
8. reagent
9. rep
10. representative

Phrases with  agent

agent blanchissant
whitener; whiting; whitening

agent de change
broker; exchange broker; stockbroker

agent de conservation

agent de la sécurité routière
AAA attendant

agent de police
cop; police officer; patrolman; policewoman; officer; patrolling policeman; policeman

agent de publicité
publicist; press agent

agent de refroidissement
refrigerant; coolant

agent de voyages
travel agent

agent double
double agent

agent immobilier
real estate agent; realtor

agent maritime
shipping agent; charterer; ship broker

agent matrimonial
marriage broker; matrimonial agent; dating service representative

agent secret
secret agent; spy; undercover agent

femme agent
patrolling policewoman; patrolwoman