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See also: chus, cou, cri,   cru, crue, crus, crûs, crut, dru


1. coarse
2. crude
3. gross
4. harsh
5. ill-bred
6. impolite
7. nasty
8. obscene
9. raw
10. rude
11. uncooked
12. vulgar

crue f

high water


1. accept
2. assume
3. believe
4. believe in

croyant m


croyante f



1. guess
2. have faith in
3. have trust in
4. presume
5. suppose
6. surmise
7. take for granted
8. think

Phrases with  cru

croire en Dieu
believe in God

être croyant
be religious

faire croire à quelqu'un que
kid into; put into somebody's head

faire croire par duperie
fool into believing; make believe

impossible à croire

laisser croire
make believe; fool into believing

légumes crus
raw vegetables

refuser de croire
disbelieve; discredit; give no credit to