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See also:   moment, moments

moment m

1. instant
2. moment
3. momentum
4. short time
5. time
6. while

Phrases with  moment

après un long moment
after a long time

à tous moments
at all times

au même moment que
at the same time as

au moment du choc
upon impact; on impact

au tout dernier moment
at the very last second; only just in time; at the very last minute

dans un petit moment
in a little while; in a moment; in a bit

du moment
prevailing; current

en ce moment
at present; at this moment; at the moment; for the time being; temporarily; provisionally

grand moment

moment de calme

moment de repos

moment pénible
trying time

sous l'impulsion du moment
on the spur of the moment

trouver un moment pour
get around to; get down to; have time for

un moment
for a short time; for a moment; for a while; for a bit; for a little while; awhile