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See also: bon, don, éon, ion, man, moi, mol,   mon, mono, mont, mot, mou, non, on, son, ton





Phrases with  mon

à mon avis
in my view

c'est bien ma chance
just my luck

ma chérie
sweetie; sweetheart; honeybunch; sweetie pie; sweet pea; honey; darling

mes sentiments distingués
yours sincerely; yours faithfully

mon ange
darling; honey; sweetheart; sweetie; sweet pea; honeybunch; sweetie pie

mon chéri
honey; sweetie pie; sweet pea; sweetie; sweetheart; darling

mon coeur
darling; sweetheart; sweet pea; honey; honeybunch; sweetie; sweetie pie

mon petit chou
sweetie pie; honeybunch; sweetie; darling; sweetheart; sweet pea; honey

pour ma part
personally; personally speaking; as far as I'm concerned

veuillez agréer l'expression de mes sentiments respectueux
respectfully yours