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    kommen lassen

    call in

See also: K., kommen

Translation of words included in the phrase


1. advancing
2. approaching



Kommende m



1. coming
2. forthcoming
3. nearing
4. next
5. upcoming


1. allow
2. grant permission to
3. leave




1. leave over
2. let
3. permit
4. suppose


1. calm
2. even-tempered
3. placid
4. sober-minded
5. unruffled

Phrases with  kommen

abhanden gekommen sein
have lost

an den Tag kommen

an die Oberfläche kommen

an erster Stelle kommen
take precedence; take priority

an Land kommen
wash ashore

aus den Gleisen kommen
go off the rails; derail; get derailed

dazu kommen
have time for; get around to; get down to

etwas kommt jemandem zu
something comes to somebody; something belongs to somebody

gelegen kommen
welcome; be convenient for; suit

hereingeschneit kommen
blow in; arrive unexpectedly

in Bedrängnis kommen
be compromised; be jeopardized

in den Sinn kommen
occur to; strike; enter one's mind; cross one's mind

ins Gerede kommen
cause people to talk

ins Geschäft kommen
go into business

jemandem zur Hilfe kommen
come to someone's aid; come to someone's rescue; help someone out; support someone; step in for someone

jemanden zustatten kommen
stand someone in good stead

kommen aus
derive; come from; be derived from; stem from

kommen lassen
call in

kommen von
result from; stem from

nach hause kommen
return; get back

nahe kommen
come near to; approach

nicht in Frage kommen
out of the question

nicht kommen
cry off; not show up

uneingeladen kommen
gate-crash; crash; join without being invited

ungelegen kommen

vom Westen kommend
coming from the west; westerly; western; west

vor ein Kriegsgericht kommen

vor Gericht kommen
stand trial

wieder zu Kräften kommen
recuperate; recover one's strength; regain one's strength

wieder zu sich kommen
revive; come around; recover consciousness; come to

zu Atem kommen
catch one's breath; regain one's breath; recover oneself

zu dem Schluß kommen daß
come to the conclusion that

zu der Schlußfolgerung kommen daß
come to the conclusion that

zum Stillstand kommen
come to rest; stall

zum Vorschein kommen
spring up; come into view; crop up; loom up; appear; become visible; appear unexpectedly; emerge

zur Besinnung kommen
come to; recover consciousness; come around; come to one's senses; revive

zur ruhe kommen
settle down

zu sich kommen
regain one's breath; recover oneself; catch one's breath