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See also: K., Ku, Kur,   kurz


1. brief
2. briefly
3. compact
4. concise
5. condensed
6. curt
7. for a bit
8. for a little while
9. for a moment
10. in a few words
11. in short
12. little
13. short
14. shortly
15. summarized
16. terse
17. without wasting words

Phrases with  kurz

kurz angebunden
short; shortly; curtly

kurz darstellen
epitomize; summarize; sum up

kurz gesagt
to put it briefly; in short; in brief

kurz und dick
stubby; stumpy

kurz wiederholen

kurz zusammenfassen
recap; recapitulate

um es kurz zu fassen
in brief; to put it briefly; in short