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    salsa a base di burro e farina


See also: sala, salma, salsa, salta

Translation of words included in the phrase

salsa f

1. dip
2. dressing
3. gravy
4. sauce


1. at
2. for each
3. in
4. in connection with
5. of
6. per
7. to

base f

1. base
2. basis
3. foundation
4. ground


1. about
2. any
3. as regards
4. by
5. coming from
6. concerning
7. connected with
8. containing
9. for
10. from
11. in regard to
12. made from
13. of
14. originating from
15. regarding
16. some
17. to

burro m



1. and
2. and also
3. plus

farina f


Phrases with  salsa

carne di manzo con salsa al peperoncino rosso
chilli con carne; chili con carne

salsa a base di burro e farina

salsa bianca
white sauce

salsa di pomodoro
tomato sauce

salsa di soia
soy sauce; soy

salsa indiana a base di frutta e spezie

salsa tartara
tartar sauce; tartare sauce

salsa verde

salsa Worcester
Worcestershire sauce

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