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    sofrer um colapso nervoso

     break down

See also: sofre, sofrer

Translation of words included in the phrase


1. ail
2. be painful
3. be troubled with
4. endure
5. experience
6. feel
7. go through
8. grieve
9. hurt
10. mourn
11. suffer
12. sustain
13. undergo


1. a
2. a certain
3. an
4. one

colapso m



1. fidgety
2. high-strung
3. huffish
4. huffy
5. irritable
6. jumpy
7. nervous
8. prickly
9. restless
10. sensitive
11. strained
12. taut
13. tense
14. testy
15. tetchy
16. touchy
17. uptight
18. worried

Phrases with  sofrer

propenso a sofrer acidentes

sofrer com
agonize about; agonize over

sofrer de
be afflicted with

sofrer uma tareia
be badly beaten

sofrer abanões
be buffeted about

sofrer uma concussão
be concussed

sofrer um colapso nervoso
break down; crack

sofrer abanões
get a shaking

sofrer um acidente
have an accident

sofrer uma mutação

sofrer por
pay for

sofrer um prolapso

fazer sofrer

sofrer uma queda brusca

sofrer com
struggle with

sofrer por
suffer for

sofrer de
suffer from

sofrer grande derrota
take a bashing; to be badly beaten

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