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1. abolish (annul)
2. annul (contract)
3. annul (abolish)
4. annular (shape)
5. call off (meeting)
6. cancel (contract)
7. cancel (abolish)
8. cancel (void)
9. disallow (sports - soccer)
10. invalidate (laws)
11. negate (ineffectiveness)
12. nullify (laws)
13. nullify (cancel)
14. reverse (matter)
15. reverse (laws)
16. ring finger (anatomy)
17. ring-shaped (shape)
18. void (laws)
19. void (cancel)
Phrases with anulas found: 3  

Spanish-English dictionary
   anulación de créditos
  lapsing appropriations

Spanish-English dictionary
   cheque anulado
  voided check

Spanish-English dictionary
   El anular se ubica entre el meñique y el dedo medio.
  The ring finger is located between the little finger and the middle finger.

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