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See also: ahí, ají, as, asar, asé, ases,   así, asías, asís, aso, asó,


1. hence (reason)
2. in such a manner (manner)
3. in such a way (manner)
4. sic (writing)
5. so (general)
6. so (manner)
7. so (reason)
8. therefore (reason)
9. thus (general)
10. thus (reason)


1. clasp (clench)
2. clench (clasp)
3. clutch (general)
4. grab (general)
5. grasp (general)
6. grip firmly (clench)
7. grip tightly (clench)
8. hold tight (general)
9. seize (general)
10. take (general)

Phrases with  así

así como
and also
(general); as well as (general)

así como así
just like that
(easily); just like that (easily)

dejarlo así
leave it at that

de no ser así
or else
(conjunction); if not (conjunction); otherwise (conjunction)

niño que asiste a la escuela de párvulos
(schools); preschooler (schools)

niño que asiste al jardín de infantes
(schools); preschooler (schools)

niño que asiste al kindergarten
(schools); kindergartner (schools)

por así decirlo
so to speak
(expression); as one might say (expression)

y así sucesivamente
(enumeration); and so forth (enumeration); et cetera (enumeration); and so on (enumeration)