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See also:   asaltante, asaltaste

asaltante m

1. aggressor (man)
2. aggressor (woman)
3. assailant (fight - man)
4. assailant (fight - woman)
5. assailant (man)
6. assailant (woman)
7. attacker (fight - man)
8. attacker (fight - woman)
9. attacker (man)
10. attacker (woman)
11. robber (crime - man)
12. robber (crime - woman)
Phrases with asaltante found: 5  

Spanish-English dictionary
   asalto a mano armada
  armed robbery (crime)
  holdup (crime)
  stickup (crime)

Spanish-English dictionary
   asalto con lesión
  robbery with violence (law)

Spanish-English dictionary
   asalto y agresión
  assault and battery (law)

Spanish-English dictionary
   tomar por asalto
  storm (military)
  take by storm (performance)
  take by storm (military)

Spanish-English dictionary
   El asaltante agredió a una mujer.
  The mugger assaulted a woman.

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