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    buen corazón

    good nature (behavior)

See also: bien, buena, bueno, buey, bufen

Translation of words included in the phrase


1. good (general)
2. good (skill)
3. good (child)
4. good (health)
5. good (person)

buenos mp

good (people)


1. nice (derogatory)
2. nice (weather)
3. obedient (child)
4. well (doubt)
5. well (interjection)
6. well-behaved (child)

corazón m

1. center (core)
2. core (center)
3. darling (term of endearment - man)
4. darling (term of endearment - woman)
5. heart (anatomy)
6. heart (center)
7. honey (term of endearment - man)
8. honey (term of endearment - woman)
9. honeybunch (term of endearment - woman)
10. nucleus (center)
11. sweetheart (term of endearment - man)
12. sweetheart (term of endearment - woman)
13. sweetheart (girl)
14. sweetie (term of endearment - man)
15. sweetie (term of endearment - woman)
16. sweetie pie (term of endearment - man)
17. sweetie pie (term of endearment - woman)
18. sweet pea (term of endearment - man)
19. sweet pea (term of endearment - woman)

Phrases with  buen

a buena hora
in time
(time); betimes (time)

bastante bueno
(passable); reasonable (fair); quite good (fair); passable (fair)

buena noche de descanso
night's rest
(relaxation); night's sleep (relaxation)

buena para nada

buena persona

buena puntería
(small arms)

buenas noches
sleep well
(wish); good evening (greeting); good night (greeting); good night (wish)

buenas relaciones entre vecinos

buenas tardes
good evening
(greeting); good afternoon (greeting)

buena suerte
good luck
(wish); success (wish); good fortune (success); luck (success)

buena voluntad
(moral behavior); good will (moral behavior)

buen corazón
good nature

bueno con los números

bueno para nada

Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires

buenos días
(greeting); good morning (greeting); hi (greeting)

buenos modales
good behavior
(behavior); good manners (behavior)

buen vecino

dar una buena razón para
explain satisfactorily
(justify); justify (give a good reason for); give a good reason for (justify)

de buena calidad
of good quality
(quality); sound (quality)

de buena fe
bona fide
(contract); in good faith (contract)

de buena salud
(health); able-bodied (health)

de buen corazón
(behavior); good-tempered (behavior)

de buen grado
(interjection); with pleasure (interjection)

de buen humor
(general); cheerful (emotional condition); cheery (emotional condition); in a good mood (general); happy (emotional condition); good-humored (general); in good spirits (general); gay (emotional condition); bright (emotional condition); joyful (emotional condition); in high spirits (general); merry (emotional condition)

de buen o mal grado
willing or unwilling
(general); willy-nilly (general)

en buen estado

en buen estado físico
(physical condition)

estar de buen humor
be in great spirits
(emotional condition); be in good spirits (emotional condition); be in high spirits (emotional condition)

estar en buena salud
(health); prosper (health)

estar en buenas condiciones físicas
be in top form

muy bueno
(weather); fine (weather); fine (quality)

no ser bueno
be bad
(work); be no good (work); be bad (answer); be no good (answer)

para buen clima

poner a mal tiempo buena cara
keep a stiff upper lip
(behavior); put on a brave face (behavior)

ser una buena razón para
(reason); be a good reason for (reason)

tener buena onda
get good vibes
(feelings); get good vibrations (feelings)

tener una buena opinión de
think highly of
(person); think much of (person); think the world of (person); look up to (person); have a high opinion of (person)

tener una racha de buena suerte
have everything going for oneself
(success); have a lucky streak (success)

tener un buen trato con
be on good terms with

y bueno
oh well