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choque m

1. accident (traffic)
2. armed struggle (military)
3. clash (fight)
4. clash (opinion)
5. clash (military)
6. collision (automobiles)
7. collision (nautical)
8. conflict (military)
9. crash (traffic)
10. crash (nautical)
11. shock (explosion)
12. shock (medicine)


1. clash (opinion)
2. clash (color)
3. collide (vehicles)
4. conflict (opinion)
5. crash (vehicles)
6. smash (vehicles)
7. smash up (automobiles)

Phrases with  choque

a prueba de choques

chocar con
(opinion); collide with (vehicles); collide with (nautical); clash (opinion); crash into (vehicles); conflict (opinion); smash into (vehicles); bump into (vehicles); hit (nautical); ram (accident); run into (nautical)

chocar contra
run into
(nautical); collide with (nautical); hit (nautical); hit (objects); strike (objects)