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1. accomplished (achieved)
2. achieved (accomplished)


1. bring to a conclusion (subject)
2. bring to completion (finalize)
3. clinch (agreement)
4. close (deal)
5. close (subject)
6. come to an end (agreement)
7. conclude (contract)
8. conclude (meeting)
9. conclude (subject)
10. conclude (top off)
11. end (meeting)
12. expire (agreement)
13. finalize (bring to completion)
14. finish (meeting)
15. finish (subject)
16. seal (agreement)
17. settle (subject)
18. settle firmly (agreement)
19. stop (agreement)
20. terminate (agreement)
21. top off (wrap up)
22. wind up (meeting)
23. wind up (top off)
24. wrap up (deal)
25. wrap up (top off)
Phrases with concluir found: 2  

Spanish-English dictionary
   ¿A qué hora concluyó la reunión?
  At what time did the meeting finish?

Spanish-English dictionary
   ¡Asunto concluido!
  Matter settled!

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