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See also: consigas, consigno,   consigo


1. accomplish (achieve)
2. achieve (accomplish)
3. acquire (obtain)
4. bring off (accomplish)
5. come by (acquire)
6. contrive to (achievement)
7. discover (secret)
8. drum up (people)
9. gain (confidence)
10. gain (acquire)
11. get (give)
12. get (acquire)
13. manage to (achievement)
14. muster up (people)
15. nose out (secret)
16. obtain (acquire)
17. procure (acquire)
18. rake up (people)
19. realize (accomplish)
20. win (confidence)

Phrases with  consigo

conseguir entrar en
squash into
(people); squeeze into (people)

conseguir entrar por
squeeze through

conseguir hacer
succeed in
(achievement); contrive to (achievement); manage to (achievement)

conseguir lograr
succeed in
(achievement); manage to (achievement); contrive to (achievement)

conseguir mañosamente
trick into

conseguir meter en
squeeze into
(objects); squash into (objects)

conseguir meterse en
squash into
(people); squeeze into (people)

llevar consigo
take along
(objects); take (objects)

luchar por conseguir
struggle for

no conseguir

no conseguir mucho
not make much of
(general); not have much success with (general); not get very far with (general)

traer consigo
(entail); entail (involve); bring about (entail)