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Did you mean:   darse

Phrases with  darse

darse cuenta
(catch on); learn (understand); realize (understand); be sure (certainty); tell (certainty); catch on (understand)

darse cuenta de
become aware of
(feeling); be aware of (mind); be conscious of (mind); learn (secret); find out (secret); smell out (secret); sense (feeling); discover (secret); note (attention); get wind of (secret); recognize (mental sensation); realize (mind); realize (mental sensation); observe (attention)

darse el lujo de
allow oneself to
(permission); take the liberty of (permission); permit oneself to (permission)

darse por vencido
submit to defeat

darse prisa
(person); hurry (haste); push on (haste); hasten (person)

darse un golpe contra
run into
(accident); collide with (accident); bump into (accident)

darse un susto increíble
have a terrible fright
(fear); be scared to death (fear); be scared stiff (fear); be scared silly (fear); be scared out of one's wits (fear)

darse vuelta
topple over
(objects); tip over (objects); turn over (objects); fall over (objects)

darse vueltas
swing around

poder darse el lujo de
afford to

sin darse cuenta
(intention); unawares (intention)