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See also: dudosa,   dudoso, dudosos, nudoso


1. disbelieving (doubt)
2. doubtful (doubt)
3. doubtful (behavior)
4. doubting (doubt)
5. dubious (doubt)
6. equivocal (behavior)
7. fishy (doubt)
8. hesitant (doubt)
9. hesitating (doubt)
10. questionable (behavior)
11. shady (person)
12. suspect (doubt)
13. suspect (behavior)
14. suspicious (doubt)
15. unbelieving (doubt)
16. uncertain (result)
17. unclear (result)
18. undecided (doubt)
Phrases with dudoso found: 5  

Spanish-English dictionary
   Estoy algo dudoso.
  I am a bit doubtful.

Spanish-English dictionary
   Es dudoso que lo compre.
  It is doubtful that he will buy it.

Spanish-English dictionary
   Es dudoso que el puente se caiga.
  It is unlikely that the bridge will fall.

Spanish-English dictionary
   Era dudoso que contratáramos a aquel comentarista.
  It was doubtful that we would hire that commentator.

Spanish-English dictionary
   Es dudoso que él quiera ir.
  It's doubtful that he wants to go.

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