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1. cast out (people)
2. chuck away (objects)
3. chuck out (person)
4. discard (objects)
5. ditch (objects)
6. dump (objects)
7. eject (person)
8. expel (person)
9. fling away (general)
10. force to leave (person)
11. get rid of (objects)
12. pump (liquid)
13. sprinkle (culinary)
14. throw away (objects)
15. throw out (person)
16. turn out (person)

Phrases with  echaremos

echar al mar

echar a perder
make a shambles of
(arrangement); screw up (culinary); ruin (culinary); make a complete shambles of (arrangement); make a mess of (arrangement); spoil (culinary)

echar a uno la culpa de
accuse of
(accusation); blame for (accusation); charge with (accusation)

echar chispas

echar de menos
feel the loss of
(emotional condition); miss (person); miss (emotional condition)

echar dientes

echar el ancla

echar el ojo a
have one's eyes on
(property); set one's sights on (objective)

echar humo
(fire); fume (chimney); smoke (chimney)

echar la bendición
tie the knot

echar la culpa a
shift the blame onto
(blame); pin on (blame)

echar la culpa a alguien
blame somebody
(accusation); hold it against somebody (accusation)

echar pajas
draw straws
(chance); draw lots (chance)

echar pestes
rant and rave
(anger); rant (anger)

echar por tierra
blow down

echar raíces

echar suertes
draw straws
(chance); draw lots (chance)

echar una bronca
tell off
(disapproval); give it to (disapproval); lash out at (disapproval); bawl out (disapproval)

echar una mano
help out

echar una mirada

echar una mirada amorosa a
cast sheep's eyes at
(love); make sheep's eyes at (love)

echar una mirada furtiva
(peer); peer (peep)

echar un rapa polvo
give it to
(disapproval); tell off (disapproval); lash out at (disapproval); bawl out (disapproval)

echar un rapapolvo
call down
(disapproval); scold (disapproval); roast (disapproval); dress down (disapproval); tell off (disapproval)

echar un vistazo

echar un vistazo a
run through
(text); look over (general)

echar vapor

ser echado a la playa
wash ashore