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nombre m

1. Christian name (person)
2. first name (person)
3. forename (person)
4. given name (person)
5. name (persons - objects)
6. name (reputation)
7. noun (linguistics)


1. appoint (business company)
2. name (general)
3. name (business company)
4. name (objects)
5. nominate (business company)

Phrases with  nombre

en nombre de
in behalf of
(represent); on behalf of (represent)

hablar en nombre de
(law); speak for (law); speak for (sign); give an idea of (sign); be a witness of (sign)

nombrar uno tras uno
name one by one
(detail); enumerate (detail); recite (detail); list (detail)

nombre afectuoso
term of endearment

nombre artístico
nom de plume
(writer); pseudonym (writer); pen name (writer)

nombre cariñoso
term of endearment

nombre comercial
trade name
(trade )

nombre de fábrica
trade name
(trade); brand name (trade)

nombre de materia
material noun

nombre de pila
given name
(person); forename (person); first name (person); Christian name (person)

nombre kilométrico

nombre propio
proper noun
(linguistics); proper name (linguistics)

poner un nuevo nombre a