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nota f

1. grade (schools - universities)
2. letter (message)
3. mark (schools - universities)
4. memo (business company)
5. memorandum (business company)
6. musical note (music)
7. note (message)
8. note (writing)
9. note (music)

notas fp

notes (writing)

nota f

tone (music)


1. call attention to (note)
2. comment (criticism)
3. detect (sense perception)
4. discern (sense perception)
5. mention (note)
6. note (remark)
7. note (observe)
8. notice (sense perception)
9. observe (sense perception)
10. observe (criticism)
11. observe (note)
12. observe (remark)
13. perceive (sense perception)
14. remark (mental faculty)
15. remark (criticism)
16. remark (note)
17. remark (observe)

Phrases with  nota

hacer notar
draw attention to
(attention); point out to (attention)

nota al pie de página

nota de sanción
(law); seal of approval (law); sanction (law); approval (law)

nota musical
(music); musical note (music); tone (music)

nota necrológica
obituary notice
(newspaper); obituary (newspaper)

tomar nota de
(writing); note (attention); scribble (writing); jot down (writing); observe (attention)

tomar nota de
keep a record of
(written report)