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    padrino de boda

    best man

See also: padrino, padrinos

Translation of words included in the phrase

padrino m

godfather (general)

padrinos mp

godparents (general)


1. about (subject)
2. about (concerning)
3. as regards (about)
4. coming from (origin)
5. concerning (about)
6. connected with (about)
7. containing (general)
8. for (general)
9. from (origin)
10. from (place)
11. from (time)
12. in regard to (about)
13. of (general)
14. of (possession)
15. of (origin)
16. originating from (origin)
17. out of (origin)
18. regarding (about)
19. to (general)

boda f

1. wedding (general)
2. wedding (ceremony)

Phrases with  padrino

padrino de boda
best man

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