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1. blow (chance)
2. give away (chance)
3. let go by (chance)
4. lose (general)
5. lose (chance)


lost (general)


throw away (chance)

Phrases with  perder

caso perdido

causa perdida
lost cause

dar por perdido
write off

echar a perder
(culinary); make a shambles of (arrangement); make a complete shambles of (arrangement); screw up (culinary); spoil (culinary); make a mess of (arrangement)

echarse a perder
be on the decline
(business company); become sour (milk); turn sour (milk); become stale (alcoholic beverages); become bad (food); turn (milk); stale (alcoholic beverages); curdle (milk); go downhill (business company); go off (food); deaden (alcoholic beverages); flatten (alcoholic beverages); deteriorate (business company); go to pot (business company)

eslabón perdido
missing link

haber perdido
have lost

haber perdido el contacto con
be out of contact with
(person); be out of touch with (person)

haber perdido su razón de ser
outlive its usefulness

hacerle perder la cabeza a alguien
drive someone crazy
(noise); drive someone bananas (noise); drive someone nuts (noise)

hacer perder peso
make lose weight

luchar por una causa perdida
be a lost cause
(defeat); be fighting a lost cause (defeat)

no perder de vista
keep someone in sight

perder con la edad

perder de vista
lose sight of

perder el conocimiento
pass out
(medicine ); black out (medicine ); lose consciousness (medicine ); faint (medicine )

perder el contacto con
lose contact with
(person); lose touch with (person)

perder el control de sí mismo
be beside oneself
(emotional condition)

perder el don de
(knowledge); loose the knack (knowledge)

perder el equilibrio

perder el talento
lose one's touch

perder el tiempo
(time); loiter about (place); hang around (place); loll (place); fool around (time); loiter around (place); goof off (time); fool about (time); goof around (time); goof (time); diddle away (time); potter around (work); waste time (time); slouch around (place); slouch about (place); putter around (work); putter about (work); mess around (time); dawdle (place); diddle (time); potter about (work); dawdle (time); mess about (work); mess around (work)

perder en el juego
gamble away

perder en una votación

perder interés
(book); become uninteresting (performance); become uninteresting (book); sag (performance)

perder la esperanza
(feelings); lose hope (feelings)

perder la memoria
black out
(medicine); lose memory (medicine)

perder peso
lose weight
(body); slenderize (body); get thinner (body); slim (body)

perder prestigio
lose face

perder valor
lose value
(value); diminish in value (value)

perdido irremediablemente
irretrievably lost

perdido irrevocablemente
lost beyond recall
(general); totally lost (general)

persona perdida

salir sin ganar ni perder
break even

ser una causa perdida
be a lost cause
(defeat); be fighting a lost cause (defeat)

sin ganar ni perder