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    salto triple

    triple jump (sports - gymnastics)

Translation of words included in the phrase

salto m

1. bound (movement)
2. cascade (nature)
3. diving (sports)
4. falls (nature)
5. jump (movement)
6. jumping (sports)
7. leap (movement)
8. plunging (sports)
9. waterfall (nature)


1. bound (movement)
2. hop (general)
3. hop (birds)
4. jump (movement)
5. leap (movement)
6. pop (sound)
7. pop out (cork)
8. pop out (eye)
9. pounce on (general)
10. skip (general)
11. spring (movement)


1. treble (multiplication)
2. triple (general)

Phrases with  salto

hacer saltar sobre las rodillas
ride on the knee
(dandle); dandle (ride on the knee)

levantarse de un salto
spring up
(person); jump up (movement)

pista de salto
ski jump

saltar a
jump to

saltar a la comba
jump rope
(entertainment); skip rope (entertainment)

saltar a la pata coja

saltar a la vista
attract attention
(attention); catch the eye (attention)

saltar con un pie

saltar de
jump down
(movement); jump off (movement)

saltar de longitud
do the long jump

saltar en caída libre

saltar obstáculos
jump off

salto a la comba
jumping rope
(entertainment); skipping rope (entertainment)

salto con esquís
ski jumping

salto con garrocha
pole vault

salto de generación
generation gap

salto del ángel
swan dive

salto del cisne
swan dive

salto en alto
high jump
(sports); high jumping (sports)

salto en largo
long jump

salto mortal
(sports); somersault (sports

salto triple
triple jump