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See also: red, sed, ued, ve, veas,   ved, vedar, vedé, vedes, vedo, vedó, ven, venir, veo, ver, ves, vez, vid

vista f

eyesight (physiology)


1. look at (general)
2. regard (general)

vista f

scene (situation)


1. see (make sure)
2. see (sense perception)

vista f

1. seeing (general)
2. sight (field of vision)
3. sight (distance)
4. sight (situation)
5. sight (physiology)
6. sight (action)
7. sighting (general)

ver c

stand (person)

vista f

1. view (field of vision)
2. view (window)


1. view (general)
2. view (television)

vista f

1. vision (physiology)
2. vista (view)


watch (television)

Phrases with  ved

agradable a la vista

a la vista
in sight
(distance); in sight (general); within sight (general)

a la vista y conocimiento de alguien
with someone's knowledge

a primera vista
at first sight
(love); at first sight (impression); at first glance (impression); at first sight (general); prima facie (general); on sight (love)

atractiva a primera vista
(deception); superficially attractive (deception)

conocer de vista
know someone by sight

corto de vista

dejar de estar a la vista
go out of sight
(vision); disappear from view (vision); vanish from sight (vision)

de vista aguda
(vision); lynx-eyed (vision)

dibujar una vista panorámica de algo
draw a bird's-eye view of something

ejecución a primera vista

en vista de
bearing in mind
(considering); taking into account (considering); considering (bearing in mind)

estar a la vista
come within sight
(vision); come into sight (vision)

fuera de la vista
out of sight

hasta la vista
(greeting); good-by (greeting); goodbye (greeting); good-bye (greeting); bye (greeting); bye-bye (greeting)

ir a ver
call upon
(person); call on (person); visit (person); look up (person)

letra a la vista
sight draft

mantenerse fuera de la vista
keep out of sight

no dejarse ver
keep out of sight

no perder de vista
keep someone in sight

nunca visto
(event); unheard-of (event); unprecedented (event)

perder de vista
lose sight of

perderse de vista
go out of sight
(vision); disappear from view (vision); vanish from sight (vision)

pérdida de la vista
loss of eyesight

persona corta de vista
visually impaired

punto de vista
(thought); mind (thought); opinion (thought); viewpoint (matter); attitude (thought); verdict (thought); sentiment (thought); feeling (thought); view (thought); perspective (matter); angle (matter); vantage point (matter); point of view (matter); view (matter); standpoint (matter); belief (thought)

saltar a la vista
catch the eye
(attention); attract attention (attention)

ser pasado de vista
be overlooked
(general); be ignored (general)

tener una vista de

ver claramente las intenciones de
see through

vista panorámica
bird's-eye view

visto que
(reason); for the reason that (reason); because (reason); for (reason); by reason of (reason); as (reason)

volver a ver
see again