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See also: per, ser, ve, veas, ved, ven, venir, veo,   ver, vera, verás, veré, ves, vez


1. look at (general)
2. regard (general)
3. see (make sure)
4. see (sense perception)
5. stand (person)
6. view (general)
7. view (television)
8. watch (television)

vista f

1. eyesight (physiology)
2. scene (situation)
3. seeing (general)
4. sight (field of vision)
5. sight (distance)
6. sight (situation)
7. sight (physiology)
8. sight (action)
9. sighting (general)
10. view (field of vision)
11. view (window)
12. vision (physiology)
13. vista (view)

Phrases with  ver

agradable a la vista

a la vista
in sight
(distance); in sight (general); within sight (general)

a la vista y conocimiento de alguien
with someone's knowledge

a primera vista
at first sight
(love); at first sight (impression); at first glance (impression); at first sight (general); prima facie (general); on sight (love)

atractiva a primera vista
(deception); superficially attractive (deception)

conocer de vista
know someone by sight

corto de vista

dejar de estar a la vista
go out of sight
(vision); disappear from view (vision); vanish from sight (vision)

de vista aguda
(vision); lynx-eyed (vision)

dibujar una vista panorámica de algo
draw a bird's-eye view of something

ejecución a primera vista

en vista de
bearing in mind
(considering); taking into account (considering); considering (bearing in mind)

estar a la vista
come within sight
(vision); come into sight (vision)

fuera de la vista
out of sight

hasta la vista
(greeting); good-by (greeting); goodbye (greeting); good-bye (greeting); bye (greeting); bye-bye (greeting)

ir a ver
call upon
(person); call on (person); visit (person); look up (person)

letra a la vista
sight draft

mantenerse fuera de la vista
keep out of sight

no dejarse ver
keep out of sight

no perder de vista
keep someone in sight

nunca visto
(event); unheard-of (event); unprecedented (event)

perder de vista
lose sight of

perderse de vista
go out of sight
(vision); disappear from view (vision); vanish from sight (vision)

pérdida de la vista
loss of eyesight

persona corta de vista
visually impaired

punto de vista
(thought); mind (thought); opinion (thought); viewpoint (matter); attitude (thought); verdict (thought); sentiment (thought); feeling (thought); view (thought); perspective (matter); angle (matter); vantage point (matter); point of view (matter); view (matter); standpoint (matter); belief (thought)

saltar a la vista
catch the eye
(attention); attract attention (attention)

ser pasado de vista
be overlooked
(general); be ignored (general)

tener una vista de

ver claramente las intenciones de
see through

vista panorámica
bird's-eye view

visto que
(reason); for the reason that (reason); because (reason); for (reason); by reason of (reason); as (reason)

volver a ver
see again