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Enter a word or a phrase to get dictionary's translation.

English-Spanish Dictionary contains over 70,000 words, common phrases, idiomatic expressions, and performs quick search using a morphological search engine.

English-Spanish Dictionary Features:

    English-Spanish Word search

  • search for words in all their forms to display word translations including synonyms
  • spelling suggestions for all forms
  • if a searched entry is found, the dictionary display "See also" suggestions list
  • if the exact word is not found, the dictionary offers "Did you mean" list of words
  • get Phrases with searched words along with word translations
  • if a searched word cannot be found, you can run machine translation to get words translated
  • see the transcription for English words
  • get the alphabetical list of words available in a dictionary

    English-Spanish Phrase search

  • translations of common phrases, idiomatic expressions, and sentences in all dictionaries of a selected language pair
  • translations for exact phrases and similar phrases in fuzzy match
  • if the exact phrase is found, its translation is displayed along with "Translation of words included in the phrase"
  • if no phrases are found, run machine translation to get translation results
  • get examples of words and phrases usage
  • get word-by-word translation of phrases

    English-Spanish Dictionary Tools

  • Search History
  • TTS Voice reads the text in English and Spanish languages
  • Virtual Keyboard offers text input in many languages including English and Spanish keyboard layouts
  • Special characters list

For more information refers to the Dictionary Help