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Roma (geography)

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English-Spanish dictionary
   all roads lead to Rome
  todos los caminos conducen a roma

English-Spanish dictionary
   when in Rome, do as the romans do
  a la tierra que fueres haz lo que vieres

English-Spanish dictionary
   He has friends in Rome.
  Tiene amigos en Roma.

English-Spanish dictionary
   I am planning to study in Rome for a semester.
  Planeo estudiar en Roma por un semestre.

English-Spanish dictionary
   If it had left on time, we would have arrived in Rome at six.
  Si hubiera salido a tiempo, habríamos llegado a Rome a las seis.

English-Spanish dictionary
   My mother was born in Rome.
  Mi madre nació en Roma.

English-Spanish dictionary
   Rome wasn't built in a day.
  No se ganó Zamora en una hora.

English-Spanish dictionary
   A single ticket for Rome please.
  Un billete sencillo para Roma por favor.

English-Spanish dictionary
   Albert had lived in Rome before he moved to New York.
  Alberto había vivido en Roma antes de mudarse a Nueva York.

English-Spanish dictionary
   Although we had advised him to go to Rome, he has preferred to go to London.
  Aunque le habíamos aconsejado que fuera a Roma ha preferido ir a London.

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