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imposibilidad (general)
Phrases with impossibility found: 8  

English-Spanish dictionary
   impossible to remember
  irrevocable, imposible de recordar (memory)

English-Spanish dictionary
   Ben wore his glasses without which it was impossible to see.
  Ben se puso los anteojos sin los cuales no podía ver nada.

English-Spanish dictionary
   His criticism is impossible.
  La crítica suya es imposible.

English-Spanish dictionary
   I was reading all night; it was impossible to abandon such a fascinating novel.
  Estuve leyendo toda la noche
  fue imposible abandonar una novela tan fascinante.

English-Spanish dictionary
   It is impossible for him to see you .
  Es imposible que él te vea.

English-Spanish dictionary
   It is impossible for the boss to promote the secretary.
  Es imposible que el jefe ascienda al secretario.

English-Spanish dictionary
   It's impossible for me to offer you more than I've already offered.
  Es imposible que les ofrezca más de lo que les he ofrecido.

English-Spanish dictionary
   It's impossible that I will pass the exam.
  Es imposible que gane el examen.

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