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See also: hall, shale,   shall, shawl, shell, shill, small, stall


1. maestro en humanidades (university - man)
2. maestra en humanidades (university - woman)


cien metros cuadrados, área (measures - weights)


1. ser, estar (general)
2. ser, existir (philosophy)
3. estar, encontrarse, estar ubicado (place)


1. existencia (philosophy)
2. existencia, vida (existing)
3. criatura, ser, entidad (living being)


futuro imperfecto (future)


1. deber (general)
2. deber (necessity)


1. voluntad (mental faculty)
2. testamento (law)
3. poder, futuro imperfecto (auxiliary verb)
4. futuro imperfecto (future)
5. legar (law)


1. querer (general)
2. condicional simple (condition)
3. tener la costumbre de (habit)

Phrases with shall found: 12  

English-Spanish dictionary
   he that is born to be hanged shall never be drowned
  el que nace para mulo del cielo le cae el arnés

English-Spanish dictionary
   where shall we meet?
  ¿dónde quedamos?

English-Spanish dictionary
   At what time shall I come?
  ¿A qué hora debería ir?

English-Spanish dictionary
   based on these facts the followings shall be applied
  a tales hechos le son de aplicación los siguientes

English-Spanish dictionary
   He who seeks shall find.
  Quien busca, encuentra.

English-Spanish dictionary
   How much hair shall I cut?
  ¿Cuánto te corto el pelo?

English-Spanish dictionary
   I hope we shall meet again.
  Espero que volvamos a vernos.

English-Spanish dictionary
   If I have the money, I shall go to Mexico.
  Si tengo el dinero, iré a México.

English-Spanish dictionary
   Shall we dance?

English-Spanish dictionary
   Shall we take a break?
  ¿Nos tomamos un descanso?

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