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traje de baño (clothing - woman)
Phrases with swimsuit found: 9  

English-Spanish dictionary
   I take a swimsuit with me to go swimming and I never wear a bikini.
  Me llevo un traje de baño para ir a nadar y nunca uso bikini.

English-Spanish dictionary
   Are there cheaper swimsuits?
  ¿Hay trajes de baño más baratas?

English-Spanish dictionary
   Are you going to put on your new swimsuits?
  ¿Te vas a poner los trajes de baño nuevos?

English-Spanish dictionary
   Can I try this swimsuit on?
  ¿Me puedo probar este bañador?

English-Spanish dictionary
   Can you show me this swimsuit, please!
  ¿Me puede enseñar este bañador, por favor?

English-Spanish dictionary
   Can you wash the swimsuits?
  ¿Puede lavar los bañadores?

English-Spanish dictionary
   Diane would have bought this swimsuit if she had the money.
  Diana habría comprado este bañador si tuviera dinero.

English-Spanish dictionary
   I am going to buy myself a swimsuit.
  Voy a comprarme un bañador.

English-Spanish dictionary
   I am going to return this swimsuit to the store.
  Voy a devolver este traje de baño a la tienda.

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