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See also: chose, hose, these,   those, whose


1. esos, esas, aquellos, aquellas (indicative determiner - pl.)
2. ésos, ésas, aquéllos, aquéllas (indicative pronoun - pl.)

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English-Spanish dictionary
   in those days
  en ese entonces, en esa época (time)

English-Spanish dictionary
   those qualified to vote
  electorado, electores (politics)

English-Spanish dictionary
   Did you all hear those shouts?
  ¿Oyeron esos gritos?

English-Spanish dictionary
   Did you like those songs?
  ¿Te gustaron esas canciones?

English-Spanish dictionary
   Get those toys away from here.
  Quita esos juguetes te aquí.

English-Spanish dictionary
   Haven't you found a place to keep those papers yet?
  ¿Todavía no han encontrado ustedes dónde guardar esos papeles?

English-Spanish dictionary
   How does one see through those fashion glasses?
  ¿Cómo se verá a través de esas gafas de moda?

English-Spanish dictionary
   How many people read those notebooks?
  ¿Cuánta gente lee estos cuadernos?

English-Spanish dictionary
   I choose those pills.
  Yo elijo esas píldoras.

English-Spanish dictionary
   God helps those who help themselves
  el que madruga, coge agua clara

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