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See also: four, hour, jour, our, pour, sour, tour, you,   your, yours


1. vuestros, vuestras (poss. det. - pl. - diff. pers.)
2. sus (poss. det. - pl. - diff. pers. - polite)
3. vuestros (poss. det. - pl. - one person)
4. tus (poss. det. - pl. - one person - polite)
5. vuestro, vuestra (poss. det. - sg. - diff. pers.)
6. su (poss. det. - sg. - diff. pers. - polite)
7. su (poss. determiner - sg. - polite)
8. tu (poss. determiner - sg.)


1. suyos, suyas, de ustedes (poss. pron. - pl. - polite)
2. suyo, suya (poss. pron. - sg. - polite)
3. vuestros, vuestras (poss. pron. - pl.)
4. tuyo, tuya (poss. pron. - sg.)

Phrases with your found: 808  

English-Spanish dictionary
   don't count your chickens before they hatch
  no vendas la piel del oso antes de cazarlo

English-Spanish dictionary
   for your records
  para su récord

English-Spanish dictionary
   give my regards to your family
  salude a su familia

English-Spanish dictionary
   I beg your pardon
  le ruego me perdone

English-Spanish dictionary
   it's better to be on your own than with people you don't like
  más vale estar solo que mal acompañado

English-Spanish dictionary
   it's none of your business
  eso no es asunto suyo

English-Spanish dictionary
   may I use your phone?
  ¿puedo usar su teléfono, por favor?

English-Spanish dictionary
   never spend your money before you have it
  a quien no le sobra pan , no críe can

English-Spanish dictionary
   please, give my regards to your family
  por favor, salude a su familia

English-Spanish dictionary
   could you spell your name please?
  ¿puede deletrear su nombre, por favor?

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