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arrivée f

1. arrival
2. coming


1. arrive
2. come about

arrivant m


arrivante f



1. end up
2. finish
3. happen
4. occur
5. reach destination
6. take place
7. turn up

Phrases with  arrivée

arrivé à maturation

arrivé à maturité

arriver à
attain; become of; reach; arrive at; befall; happen to; manage to; come at; find out; contrive to; discover

arriver à comprendre
figure out

arriver à comprendre quelque chose
make sense out of; make sense of

arriver à la cheville de
compare with; be equal to; come close to; touch

arriver à l'improviste
arrive unexpectedly; blow in

arriver antérieurement
happen before

arriver à retrouver
hunt out

arriver à terme
expire; become void

arriver au point mort
come to a standstill; come to a deadlock; reach a deadlock

arriver ex aequo
tie for

arriver simultanément
happen together; coincide; occur simultaneously

ne pas arriver
stay away

qui arrive
coming; incoming; oncoming

quoi qu'il arrive

y arriver
manage; get done; pull off; finish