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bête f

1. animal
2. barbarian
3. beast
4. blockheaded
5. boor
6. brute
7. churl
8. cockeyed
9. doltish
10. dumb
11. featherbrained
12. savage
13. silly
14. stupid
15. thickheaded
16. thick-skulled
17. thick-witted

Phrases with  bête

bête à bon Dieu

bête à bon Dieu
ladybug; lady beetle

bête de race
thoroughbred; purebred; pureblood; full-blood

bête de somme
drudge; toiler; plodder; maid of all work; pack animal

bête épave

d'un air bête

grosse bête
knucklehead; jackass; numskull; boob; dingbat; dummy; dumbbell; dope; simpleton; nitwit; asshole; bonehead; blockhead