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charge f

1. assignment
2. burden
3. care
4. charge
5. control
6. load
7. loading
8. mission
9. onus
10. trust


1. accuse
2. burden
3. charge
4. dramatize
5. encumber
6. exaggerate
7. incriminate
8. instruct
9. load
10. overdo
11. overstate
12. weigh down

Phrases with  charge

chargé de
responsible; fraught with

charge de la preuve
burden of proof

charge de travail

charger de
burden with

en charge
commanding; chief; leading; in command; superintending; supervising

femme de charge

garde chargé de la sécurité
security officer; security guard

lourdement chargé

navire de charge

personne à charge
dependent; dependant

personne chargée de l'interrogatoire

se charger de
undertake; assume

se charger de la note de quelqu'un
pay somebody's bill; pay somebody's check; pick up somebody's tab

témoin à charge
witness for the prosecution