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1. adorable
2. appealing
3. attractive
4. charming
5. delightful
6. dreamy
7. endearing
8. engaging
9. enjoyable
10. lovely
11. nice
12. pleasant
13. pleasurable
14. prepossessing
15. sweet
16. winning
17. with atmosphere
18. with character
Phrases with charmant found: 7  

French-English dictionary
   chanteur de charme

French-English dictionary
   rompre charme
  break the spell

French-English dictionary
   au charme vieillot
  pleasingly old-fashioned

French-English dictionary
   Vous êtes très charmant.
  You are very charming.

French-English dictionary
   Il semble être un enfant très charmant.
  He seems to be a very charming kid.

French-English dictionary
   Elle est devenue très charmante.
  She has become very charming.

French-English dictionary
   Elle est très charmante.
  She is very charming.

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