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See also: commun,   commune, communes, communs

commune f


Communes fp

1. House of Commons
2. Lower House

commune f



1. banal
2. collective
3. combined
4. common
5. conjoint
6. corny
7. corporate
8. everyday
9. joint
10. mutual
11. ordinary
12. shared
13. trite
14. united
15. usual
16. vulgar

Phrases with  commune

Chambre des Communes
Lower House; House of Commons

dénominateur commun
common denominator

en règle commune
broadly; on the whole; by and large; in general; generally

facteur commun
common factor; common divisor

fond commun de placement
mutual fund

gens du commun
common people; commons; commonalty

grue commune
common crane; crane

habitant de la commune

membre de la Chambre des Communes
Member of the House of Commons; Member of the Lower Chamber; Member of the Lower House

plus grand commun diviseur
hcf; highest common factor

points communs
interface; common ground

primevère commune

sens commun
common sense; wisdom; senses; sense

sorbier commun
mountain ash; rowan; rowan tree; sorb

transports en commun
public conveyance; public transportation

usage commun