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See also: fines, fini, finie, finies, finir,   finis, finit, fins


1. complete
2. done
3. ended
4. finish
5. finished
6. finite
7. limited
8. terminated
9. through
10. utter
11. workmanship


1. bring to an end
2. cease
3. come to an end
4. complete
5. discontinue
6. end
7. expire
8. finish
9. finish off
10. finish up
11. stop
12. terminate

Phrases with  finis

à finir

à n'en plus finir
ad nauseam

considérer comme fini
write off

en finir
get done; finish

en finir avec
deal with; polish off

femme finie

finir de jouer
play out; finish

finir en cul-de-sac
end in a cul-de-sac; come to a dead end

finir en impasse
end in a cul-de-sac; come to a dead end

homme fini

laisser finir
let finish; hear out; bear with

n'en plus finir
go on about

personne finie

produit fini
end product