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See also: A., an,   anmaßen


1. arrogant
2. brash
3. bumptious
4. cavalier
5. cocksure
6. cocky
7. conceited
8. haughty
9. impudent

Maß n


Maße p



1. overconfident
2. overweening
3. presumptuous
4. pretentious
5. proud
6. self-centered
7. self-important
8. self-satisfied
9. snooty
10. supercilious
11. superior
12. uppity
13. vain

Phrases with  anmaßen

anmaßendes Benehmen
obtrusiveness; shamelessness; conspicuousness; blatancy

in abnehmendem Maße

in dem Maße wie

in demselben Maße
every bit as; quite as; just as

in Maßen
in moderation

in reichlichem Maße
more than enough; amply sufficient

in solchem Maße
in such a way; in such a manner; so; to such an extent; to such a degree

in welchem Maße
how much

mit Maßen
in moderation

nach Maß
custom-made; custom; tailored; tailor-made; made-to-order

sich anmaßen
assume to oneself; usurp; arrogate to oneself