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See also: A., an, anmaßen,   anmaßend


1. arrogant
2. brash
3. bumptious
4. cavalier
5. cocksure
6. cocky
7. conceited
8. haughty
9. impudent
10. overconfident
11. overweening
12. presumptuous
13. pretentious
14. proud
15. self-centered
16. self-important
17. self-satisfied
18. snooty
19. supercilious
20. superior
21. uppity
22. vain

Maß n


Maße p


Phrases with  anmaßend

anmaßendes Benehmen
obtrusiveness; shamelessness; conspicuousness; blatancy

in abnehmendem Maße

in dem Maße wie

in demselben Maße
every bit as; quite as; just as

in Maßen
in moderation

in reichlichem Maße
more than enough; amply sufficient

in solchem Maße
in such a way; in such a manner; so; to such an extent; to such a degree

in welchem Maße
how much

mit Maßen
in moderation

nach Maß
custom-made; custom; tailored; tailor-made; made-to-order

sich anmaßen
assume to oneself; usurp; arrogate to oneself