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See also: so, sogen, Sorge,   Sorgen

Sorge f

1. anxiety
2. apprehensiveness
3. bother
4. concern
5. concernment
6. headache
7. interest
8. uneasiness
9. worry

Phrases with  sorgen

dafür sorgen

krank vor Sorgen
worried sick

ohne Sorgen
untroubled; happy-go-lucky; unconcerned; carefree; unworried

Probleme und Sorgen
trials and tribulations

sich schreckliche Sorgen machen um
be worried sick about

sich sorgen

sich Sorgen machen
trouble; feel anxious; care; be worried; worry; be concerned

sich Sorgen machen um
trouble oneself with; worry about; be concerned about; bother about; concern oneself about; be worried about; brood over; fret over

sich sorgen um
bother about; worry about; concern oneself about; care for; look after; trouble oneself with

Sorge machen
cause worry to; worry

sorgen für
look after; see to; provide for; provide; take care of; attend on; nurse; take to heart; tend; care for; attend to

Sorgen machen

Sorge tragen für
nurse; look after; take care of; care for; tend

von Sorgen gezeichnet
careworn; haggard