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See also:   bene, beni, bere, gene, pene, rene, vene


1. aha
2. all right
3. alright
4. aright
5. asset
6. correctly
7. good
8. nicely
9. properly
10. property
11. rightly
12. thoroughly
13. very well
14. well

Phrases with  bene

a fin di bene
well-meaning; well-meant; well-intentioned

altrettanto bene
just as well; equally well

andare bene
serve; work out; do; fit

andare bene a
be convenient for; suit

andare bene insieme
go together; harmonize; match

andare tutto bene
go well; go smoothly

bene accetto

bene mobile
moveable; movable; movable property; chattel

capire bene

che fa bene
good; wholesome; health-giving; beneficial

che promette bene

chiuso bene
shut tight; shut tightly

comportarsi bene
behave well; behave; behave oneself well

coprire bene
muffle up

crescere bene
thrive; prosper

dormi bene
sleep well; good night

fare bene
cheer up; perk up; brighten up; do good; pep up

fare bene a
agree with

incredibilmente bene
extraordinary well; wonderfully well

indumento che non calza bene

meravigliosamente bene
extraordinary well; wonderfully well

molto bene
fine; ably; adequately; decently; finely

non andare bene
be no good; be bad

non bene
incorrectly; amiss; wrongly; wrong

opera di bene
charity; charitable organization

parlare molto bene di
speak very well of; speak highly of

pensare un gran bene di
look up to; have a high opinion of; think the world of; think much of; think highly of

per il tuo bene
for your own benefit; for your own good

pronunciare bene
enunciate; articulate

riuscire bene
pay; be worthwhile; pay off

scelto bene
suitable; well-chosen

stare bene
fit; suit; match

straordinariamente bene
extraordinary well; wonderfully well

va bene
all right; certainly; alright; very well; very good

valutare bene
give thought; give consideration; consider

vendere bene
sell good; be in great demand