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1. adverse
2. antagonistic
3. antipathetic
4. averse
5. contrary
6. indisposed
7. opposed
8. opposing
9. opposite
10. reverse
11. unfavorable
12. unwilling

Phrases with  contrario

al contrario
contrariwise; in reverse; back to front; backward; backwards; on the contrary; the other way round

avviso contrario
notice to the contrary

contrario a
opposed to; alien to; against

contrario all'etica professionale

contrario al sistema

contrario per partito preso

dare voto contrario a
vote against; blackball

essere contrario a
be opposite to; be opposed to; be set against; go against

in ordine contrario
in reverse order

salvo avviso contrario
if we do not hear anything to the contrary

voto contrario
blackballing; nay