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1. arguable
2. contestable
3. controvertible
4. debatable
5. disputable
6. doubt
7. doubtful
8. dubious
9. dubiousness
10. equivocal
11. fishy
12. hesitation
13. questionable
14. suspect
15. suspicious
16. uncertain
17. uncertainty
18. unclear

Phrases with  dubbio

alcun dubbio
no question; no doubt

beneficio del dubbio
benefit of the doubt

esserci qualcosa di dubbio in
be suspicious; be something fishy about

essere in dubbio di
be uncertain of; doubt

fuor di dubbio
past dispute; beyond doubt; beyond a shadow of a doubt; beyond question; beyond dispute; without question

mettere in dubbio
impeach; raise doubts; raise doubts about; impugn

nessun dubbio
no doubt; no question

senza dubbio
beyond doubt; doubtless; by all means; beyond question; absolutely; easily; certainly; past dispute; positively; decidedly; beyond dispute; surely; undeniably; undoubtedly; unquestionably; without a doubt; beyond a shadow of a doubt; without question