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See also: dura,   duro


1. adamant
2. arduous
3. awkward
4. burdensome
5. difficult
6. extremely trying
7. forceful
8. hard
9. hard as nails
10. hardfisted
11. hard-fisted
12. hardhanded
13. hard-handed
14. hard-hitting
15. harsh
16. heavy-handed
17. inflexible
18. laborious
19. rough
20. severe
21. stern
22. stiff
23. stonyhearted
24. strenuous
25. strict
26. stubborn
27. tough
28. tough as nails
29. trying
30. unbending
31. uncharitable
32. unyielding

Phrases with  duro

acquistato a duro prezzo

duro come il cemento

duro come la roccia

duro contrasto
stark contrast

duro di cuore
hardhearted; hard-hearted

duro d'orecchi
hard of hearing

duro d'udito
hearing-impaired; hard of hearing

lavoro duro
very hard work; travail; slave labor; drudgery; toil

legno duro

osso duro
tough nut; tough customer

palato duro
hard palate

tener duro
keep a stiff upper lip; put on a brave face; hold out; hold firm; not yield; stand firm; stand out

tener duro in
continue to work hard at; stick at

tenere duro
persevere; keep at it; grit one's teeth; hang in; persist

vinto dopo un duro combattimento