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See also:   legale, legame, letale

legale m

1. attorney
2. attorney-at-law
3. counsel
4. counsellor
5. counsellor-at-law
6. counselor
7. counselor-at-law
8. juridic
9. juridical
10. lawful
11. lawyer
12. legal
13. legitimate

Phrases with  legale

azione legale
proceedings; action

diritto legale
legal right

medicina legale
forensic medicine; forensic science

medico legale
police physician

ora legale
daylight savings time; daylight saving time

procedura legale
legal procedure

procuratore legale
attorney-at-law; attorney; counsellor; counsel; counselor-at-law; counselor; lawyer

procuratrice legale
counsellor; counsel; counsellor-at-law; lawyer; attorney-at-law; attorney; counselor-at-law; counselor

psichiatra legale