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1. connect
2. drag on
3. elapse
4. endure
5. give
6. go by
7. go on
8. go through
9. hand
10. hand down
11. hand on
12. lapse
13. make over
14. mash
15. mash up
16. move along
17. overshoot
18. pass
19. pass down
20. pass on
21. pass over
22. progress
23. puree
24. purée
25. put through
26. reach
27. roll by
28. roll on
29. slip by
30. spend
31. suffer
32. vote through

Phrases with  passare

fare passare
make way

far passare
pass down; give way; step aside; pass on; hand round; make way; pass away; pass; make room; hand on

far passare l'appetito a
put off; turn off

far passare un filo in

lasciare passare
let through

lasciar passare
make room; give way; let in; step aside; let slip away; make way

passare a
jump to; defect; move on to; pass on to; shift on to; switch over; transfer to; switch to

passare accanto
brush past

passare al crivello
sieve out; sift out

passare al vaglio

passare a malapena
squeeze through

passare a miglior vita
pass away; pass on; die

passare a prendere
pick up

passare a trovare
call by; call in; drop in; drop by

passare attraverso
go through; suffer; endure

passare da
drop by; drop in; visit unexpectedly

passare di mente
slip one's mind; escape someone's mind; escape someone's notice

passare ... dormendo
sleep away

passare intorno
run around

passare la notte
stay the night; spend the night

passare l'aspirapolvere
vacuum-clean; run a vacuum cleaner; vacuum

passare lentamente
wear off

passare per
pass as; pass for

passare per la mente
occur to; strike; cross one's mind; enter one's mind

passare per la mente di qualcuno
be on someone's mind; go on in someone's mind

passare rasente a
skim over; skim; just clear

passare sfiorando
brush past

passare sfrecciando
whiz past; whizz past; race past