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po' m

1. bit
2. dash
3. hint
4. little
5. shade
6. soupçon
7. suspicion
8. touch
9. trace

Phrases with  po'

andarci un po' forte
lay it on thick; lay it on

non mi sorprenderei neanche un po' se
I wouldn't be a bit surprised if; I wouldn't be in the least surprised if; I wouldn't be at all surprised if

per un po'
awhile; for a while; for a short time

tra un po' di tempo
in a moment; in a bit; in a little while

un bel po' di
a whole lot of; quite a lot of; lots of; a hell of a lot of

un po'
a time; a while; rather; a bit; somewhat; mildly; moderately; quite

un po' di
any; some