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1. bear
2. bring
3. bring along
4. bring in
5. carry
6. conduct
7. fetch
8. get
9. give
10. go get
11. guide
12. hale
13. haul
14. have on
15. hold up
16. introduce
17. lead
18. support
19. take
20. take along
21. take out
22. wash up
23. wear

Phrases with  portare

non portare ad alcun risultato
lead nowhere; lead to nothing

non portare a niente
lead to nothing; lead nowhere

portare a
lead to; conduce; drive to; add to; contribute to

portare a buon fine
put through

portare a compimento
put through

portare a conclusione
complete; finish

portare al cielo

portare alla luce
bring out; reveal; disclose

portare alla ribalta

portare alle stelle
extol; praise highly

portare al massimo

portare a riva
wash up

portare a spasso
take for a walk

portare a termine
perform successfully; pull off; handle; manage; carry off

portare avanti
continue; proceed with; pursue

portare con sé
take along; involve; bring about; entail; take

portare dentro
drag in; pull in

portare di nascosto
bring secretly; smuggle; sneak

portare d'urgenza
rush to

portare fuori
take out; walk

portare gioia

portare indietro
carry back; bring back; turn back

portare in giro
take for a walk

portare qualcuno a cavalluccio
give someone a piggyback

portare qualcuno in spalla
give someone a piggyback

portare qualcuno in tribunale
bring somebody to court

portare un caso in tribunale
bring a case before the court

portare via
take away; deprive of; carry off; run away with; rob of; clear away; wash away; remove

portare via a tutta velocità
whisk off; whirl off